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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Can You Believe This Guy??

I've been a lot less interested in having sex with my wife since we had our twin girls last year. Today, I finally told her why: She' too fat to turn me on! She gained 70 lbs during the pregnancy and is still 50 lbs overweight. I feel bad about hurting her, but she doesn't look like the woman I married. Why can't she stop stuffing her face?

Can you believe this guy? She doesn't LOOK like the woman i married? Did you marry her for love or looks? She just gave you 2 kids you sorry *beep*!

I can't believe I missed this question in a past copy American baby magazine. What an ASS! That is terrible that his wife would have to read this. I can't believe they even published the question for all of America to read. I would be so upset!

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Oh yeah! I KNOW...I haven't blogged lately. I'll be visiting all you wonderful ladies today!


Well you know what, I'm sure that jerk has changed over the years too! I hate people like that! He had better be glad he wasn't my husband because his next title would be wife!
I cannot believe men act that way. I can't stand when men who are obviously not fit talk about women like that. What makes them think they have the right or are better? Either way, husbands should NEVER say something like that. I mean, people need to take care of themselves, but most of the time it's extremely hard to get back to a pre-pregnancy body. I think people see to many celebrities after they have given birth and say well if she looks like that after having a baby then so can you. But most of us here in the real world don't go have plastic surgery on a regular basis and we don't have hair stylists, make up artists,etc. following us around all day making us look perfect.

I'd divorce him. LOL!
I'd divorce his sorry ass too! Tim makes sure to tell me on a daily basis (unless we're fighting LOL) that he thinks I'm beautiful and that he loves my body. I may not believe him, lol, but at least he says it.

That dude should seriously take a long hard look in the mirror- I bet he's gained some weight too.
He is obviously suffering from SHIT - Stupid Husband Idiot Syndrome.
Wow, thats pretty ridiculous! If anything my husband is more turned on by me (big boobs from breastfeeding) and I'm less inclined to put out these days. Meanie me.

If he ever made those comments about me, I think I'd cry! Stuffing her face? If she's BF, she has to increase her calories to feed HIS children! Selfish turd.
Hi Tasha!

I just came over to say hi and saw this.... I would kill my husband if he EVER said something like this, although I'm sure he doesn't say it to her face. Even still, if he is that much of a jerk on paper he will probably be that much of a jerk to her. Ugh. This is why I hate men :) Even my husband sometimes ;-)

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