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Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Friday! Yipeeeeee!

It's Friday! Yipeeeee!. Ok I think I have been watching Noggin too much. My kids absolutely love that channel. There is a show called jack's Musical Clubhouse that my 1 year old cannot stop watching. He dances all over the place and acts crazy when he sees it. It is so adorable! My 5 year old acts more like a monkey when it comes on- Not so adorable.
I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Fourth of July. We are going to try to find some things for us to do as a family. WE are limited on money so some nice festivities- such as a free parade will be what we are going to spend our time at. Anyone here ever go to BabyZone? We have babyZone Dallas so it's really easy for me to find fun things to do locally.
Lately I haven't felt very good. I have strange pains in my chest. Not really pains but pressure and I have had something weird going on in my stomach. Not like a stomach virus.....more like alot of cramps. Shooting pains go thru my abdomen everyday. A friend said it sounds like i have a stomach ulcer. I have been under alot of stress recently. Can't vent here because too many friends and family can read my blog:( Last night I was watching Elimidate and there were 3 girls FIGHTING in Chili. It was so damn Disgusting! It would make someone not ever eat Chili again right?? Nope. I started wanting some at 2 this morning. Maybe it was because KDUBS made chili yesterday. No clue.
I have also been kind of down lately. Still can't talk about it I guess:( Maybe I am depressed.Our money matters are starting to look worse but its not unusual. Usually our electricity bill is about $100 bucks a month. In the summer like right now- it jumps to around $300. We also have a gas bill also. Grrrr. Hopefully I will find a way to make some money soon.
Ok. well I am going out to the pool now! Peace out everyone!


Oh no!! I hope everything begins to look up. :) May be you should break down and make some chili to perk you up. :)
Mmmmmm. Chili. thanks a lot- now I want some. LOL.
I hope everything gets better for you & your family soon. I know how hard it is.

I'm not sure if I could eat chili in this heat. :)
You should really check out your pains, ulcers can be extremely painful, and they cause many other problems... so do the best thing for yourself and get yourself to a doctor!!

As far as Noggin - omg, my 3 year old is addicted to it - I could name them all, but Pinky dinky doo (who the heck came up with that name?) and Jacks music show are his favorite by far. I think its one of the greatest channels for kids!

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