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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Rant For Today

Well I am going to rant today and don't even know what the title of this is going to be. I think I got my site working again so if any of the only 5 moms that read this haven't been, check it out. Mom Advice Central.
Actually not all of it is fixed, but it is getting there. I actually have other things to do like build treasure chests with my children.
So today is not going to be a good day. it's Kharma. I was reading the message boards at Contest For Moms and saw that others were having a bad day too. Wasn't the full moon last week? I am a little depressed today realizing that summer is really flying by. My older son has been nout of school almost a month now. It won't be long until he will be in Kindergarten. What am I going to do? Have another baby? LoL. His school supply list is a bunch of crap I think. I had the opprtunity to pay $50.00 to have it taken care of. I should have done it. I can't believe the things they want him to have. I believe I will be going here Go Back to School with The!!
for everything I might need. Ok not everything. But as much as I can. I REALLY love this online store! Does anyone here think that kids in Kindergarten have to have too many supplies?
Well my kids are going crazy at the moment. I still don't have a title LOL. Let me think......How about...My Rant for Today??


Really? How much stuff do they really need? I mean what... crayons, pencils, and paper towels. Yep, that about covers it!
It has got to be the moon or something. I have been hateful all day and so have my kids! Let's cross our fingers that tomorrow is better. I hate buying school supplies. I don't even want to think about school. I hate school!
Now you have six readers! :) I checked out the site, looks good, I will be coming back for info. on planning my son's 1st birthday party soon. Kindergarten, I cannot imagine Justice going...I know times flies by! Great sites!
I'm glad you got your site back up & running.

I'm glad we have decided not to send our 5 year old to Kindergarten this year. We are still undecided on school or homeschool so we are just keeping him out this year.

...and those supplies sound ridiculous. That is expensive!
Sorry I've been missing lately lol. I've been so busy with working here at home and doing the seminar and then trying to take care of the responsiblities here I've had no "me" time. Stressful.
Cool! Another venting mama :) How neat.
Thanks for the tag ;)
I agree with you.

More time needs to be allocated to interaction not materials. Yes, they should be given the opportunity to construct their learning. However, some in the edu.system have taken advantage of that to benefit large corporations.

I read an interesting article that I would like to share.
Teach your baby to read!
Where are you? I miss you!

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