Mommy Needs To Vent

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Well it is too hot and miserable for me to be blogging. Wow do I make some excuses. Here are some pictures of my kids cooling off! Have a great week and STAY COOL!!!


Wow, that does look refreshing! I need to find a park like that around here!
That looks like a blast! I bet they had fun. Did you stay cool too?
Aww, I love those pics! Where is that?
They look so cute!!!
Sorry everyone! This was in our pool and at this park in Dallas where they had a big Fourth of July Party. Those pics were early. Their ended up being like 250,000 people there!
Your kids are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I miss summer already, even though I sweated through the first 2 months like crazy. I still prefer sun and heat over wet and gloom.... Glad you guys are enjoying the weather! See you for Thankful Thursday :-)

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