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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Heroes, Lost, and Powers of the Mind???

I really liked that new show "Heroes" that came out Monday night. I liked it so much that I watched it again last night. It is really up in my alley except if it goes into comic books. I am not into comics at all. The show reminds me of LOST for several reasons. If any of you know me, you know I am ADDICTED to LOST. All these characters are connected in some way and all run into eachother at one point or another, not realizing they all share an extraordinary secret. In the show Lost- everyone is somehow connected, or so it seems. There is another show out called Six Degrees, which I have not seen, but from what I know is about connections. Is Primetime trying to tell us something? Maybe people are more interested in Sci-Fi then we think?
I am into thrillers for sure, but I never thought I was into Science Fiction. It seems like these shows that make me think really interest me. Another comparison with Lost-goes back to the whole connections thing, is on this show their seems to be small clues and things that are a little more obvious than LOST, but definitely there. Also, on LOST, they showed a comic book a couple of times, where it seemed like the LOSTIES were in the book- on the show HEROES- it seems that all these "Special" people are in drawings or comics.
Did I lose anyone yet?
I believe that people can hold special talents. I believe in telekinesis and mind control. I also believe in spirits, and that some people have a sixth sense. If you are open minded like me, you might believe this too. It is people that aren't open minded that just brush things off as coincidence or always have some explanation for everything. I believe that we only use a certain percentage of our brains and if the barrier is broken, and we figure out how to use the rest, we may have some powers that people don't believe in. There are people in history who carried powers that people didn't believe in, such as Jesus Christ.
So if this is possible, let's just hope that everyone doesn't figure out how to use these powers all at once. Then the world as we know it will be over. Course I wouldn't mind having some of these powers!!


I try to keep an open mind, yet I have never really encountered anyone that matches my imagination for such powers :)

I fell into Lost the first season, then it was interrupted for a while and I lost interest. I go back and forth with it a lot.

Heroes is something that does look interesting!
I have never heard of this show, but is sound interesting. Maybe, I will check it out next week. I will mark my calendar. Have a wonderful evening.
I havent seen Heroes. Maybe I'll get a chance to see it next week. However, I am into comic book type movies. I love X-men and any other movie like that. Have you watched it? It sounds similar to Heroes.

I do believe we have more power than we know..I just don't know where to start with it.
Hi Tasha, thanks for visiting me. I finally made it over here! I Heroes the other night, but I'm hoping I get a chance to see it and I won't get lost since I missed the first one. It looks like something I would like. I'll try to remember to catch it next week. Monday is it?

There are times I believe in extrordinary powers but not sure to what extent. Sometimes I wish I could readothers minds, but I certainly wouldn't want them reading mine! Take care...:)
If you haven't seen it already, you've just GOT to see the movie, "What the Bleep do we Know?"! Also, you'd probably LOVE this book- Beyond Fear (as recorded by Carroll Nelson). Both are amazing and give REAL ANSWERS to all of these questions! Truly! I've been looking into this stuff since I was a kid and these books were mind blowing, but very CLEAR! By the way, I've been watching Young & the Restless and Bold & the Beautiful since I was in high school and I'm 36 now! LOL! Having fun reading your blogs! New to this, don't have a blog, but am a mom of twin boys and I'm really enjoying reading mommy's blogs! Thanks for the enjoyment! -Deborah

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