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Saturday, September 23, 2006

How many of you bloggers watch soap operas? I am addicted to many! The main ones I watch are Passions, Days of Our Lives, and The Bold and The Beautiful. I don’t have much drama in my life, so when I watch these, it brings me to a fantasy world that I can get all the drama I really need. I get all giddy wishing my life was a soap opera at times, because my life is pretty….hmmm….dull maybe? Not that I don’t love what I have with my family- because I do. I just lack all the excitement that some people have I guess.
So my question is, what do you think about soap operas? Do you watch them? Do you think they are stupid and are just never ending stories? Would you ever like to star in a soap opera??


I used to watch Days. I havent watched it in forever. I guess five years? I can't get in to them anymore plus I dont watch tv during the day. My night time shows are soap operas enough for me I guess...
I don't watch soaps but I read sci-fi/fantasy for the same reasons.
You know about me and soaps lol.
I'm addicted to Days. Have been most of my life (thanks to my momma's watching of it when I was five or six!) Yes, it's ridiculous and never-ending plot lines but is it entertaining? Absolutely! A waste of time and mental points? Sure. Still a hell of a lot of fun and fantasy? Heck yeah! Down with the haters! No one forces you to watch soaps, leave us, who for one reason or another, like them!

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