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Friday, September 29, 2006

I know I am a little late here and I meant to post something a while back. I watched the interview on 20/20 the other night and it got me thinking. I can't say I was a HUGE fan of Steve Irwin, but I was a fan. My husband and I used to watch him all the time and my heart would jump every time he got too close to one of those Crocs. I always thought something would go wrong. I should have known that most of those shows on Animal Planet were not Live and nothing was ever going to happen.
To hear about his death was a shock. All the courageous and close calls he had, and then to lose his life over something that just doesn't happen. A freak accident of nature. I think I heard someone say that someone being killed that way had only happened one other time. I pray for his family and I know they know he is in a better place. They also know they will be with him again.

Thinking of this makes me wonder what our purpose in life is. Do we even have a purpose? Life can be a cruel thing. We are put here to live and build a life, and then to die. Did Steve Irwin have some purpose that someone in a higher power believed was already served? If this is at all possible, then how do we know what our purpose is? Or are we just some small organisms living in something much bigger? We see the universe as never ending. The way a single cell sees the rest of the world. Who is to say that we are not just something remarkably small in something much bigger than we thought?

Not only does our life have to serve a purpose, but we have to find a meaning somewhere in it too. Is there a secret to revealing it? I don't think so. The meaning of my life plays out everyday. Whether I am fighting with my husband or holding my baby for the first time. Whether I am drinking a cup of coffee or doing something I hate to do. I don't think I have found all the meanings and purposes of my life yet. I think when I do is when I should be afraid. I want my meanings and purposes to go on until the day I start another journey, the day that I am gone from here.

To be happy you have to know who you are and realize their are no secrets of happiness. You have to find happiness in yourself and everything around you. The best thing to do is "Live like there is no tommorow." Live everyday to it's fullest and realize that life isn't perfect. You have to do the best with what you have....and that my friends is what I truly believe.

I know this post is TOTAL rambling. I have just been wondering lately what we are here for. Have you foudn all the meanings and purposes in your life?

On other notes! I started a playgroup this past weekend and have tons of people that have joined. I have two other moms helping me and i have to say it feels GREAT being part of something and organizing something. Lately I have been sitting around bored as crap. I almost forgot their was a world out there!


Hi Tasha, thanks for visiting my blog, your very kind comments and the link! I'm about to go put you in mine :)

Playgroups are fun aren't they? When my little one was very little, some other mothers and I started a mum's group. Nothing too organised, just a catchup once a fortnight but it's been great.
I started a playgroup when my son was 2 and we were new in the neighbourhood - I met a lot of mums there and one of them is still my best friend today - 13 years later!
Tasha, actually, that's a well written post, not rambling at all; we all wonder why we are here sometimes.
well said. great food for thought
Very cool about the playgroup! It is nice to part of something!

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