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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Finally...An Explanation for my Absence

I have been so busy lately. This time last year I didn't post a lot either. It's not that I don't want to....Believe me. I have so many things going on, does anyone actually want to hear why I am so busy?? I know I say it all the time but maybe I should explain a little.

Where should I start. Let's see. It starts not long before Halloween. Getting the kids ready for the "big day." It is one of my FAVORITE holidays. It's not quite like Christmas to me. It's more like New Year's. I know it's a kids holiday but I love to go out and have fun too! At the same time I am trying to prepare for Halloween, I am also preparing for my oldest son's Bday. His birthday was November 8th and I will be posting pics soon of his birthday AND his party which was on the 12th.
The party was a success...or as successful as a party for a 6 year old goes. We invited 25 kids from his school which didn't include our own friends and family. Not all showed up and we even had some shows from old friends we didn't expect. This year we got a bounce house and the party was a little on the expensive side. Yes I go ALL OUT for my kids.
Son finally I get a break. I have spent 2 days recuperating from this, and getting ready for the next tasks on hand. Next week is Turkey Day! Another favorite holiday of mine. We go to my hubs family's for Thanksgiving, but I always make a nice big turkey for us anyway! I love the leftovers for sandwiches and my Famous Turkey Stew! I also love this Pumpkin Cheesecake I make every year which is kind of odd- considering I hate pumpkin pie AND cheesecake!
After Thanksgiving I need to concentrate on Peyton's Bday and THEN of course Christmas! I love to celebrate Christmas to an extreme. We go to every function we can. Church, Christmas lights, festivals, we even attend the "Big Texas Toy Run" here in Texas.
In between all this, we have cleaning to do and layaways and shopping to finish, not only for Christmas, but for the boys Bday's. I also sell on Ebay so during this time I am going thru the house cleaning and selling and cleaning and selling...It's never ending it seems like. I also have school and finals coming up. My website needs some updating. I will be working on that too.
It just seems like so much and I don't want anyone to think I am avoiding them. I have some friends up here I usually call all the time and keep in touch with, so hopefully you will read this and understand. Give me a call. I ALWAYS answer my phone!
So if I am slack, please don't forget about me. There will be lots of pictures and short posts in the next several weeks, but hopefully after the New Year I will be back to normal. My New Year's Resolution will probably be to post up here EVERYDAY! LOL. We will see.

I hope everyone else is having a good time and getting ready for the holidays. I will have time to see everyone else's blogs tomorrow so be on the lookout for comments!


What a busy time for you! Make sure you take some time out for yourself in all that :)
Ok my world is busy and I do not have TWO birthdays during this season too! The turkey stew sounds yummy!
I keep hearing about this pumpkin cheesecake. I might have to try making it to see how Tim likes it- he LOVES both- pumpkin pie and cheesecake, so how can it fail, right?
Life always seems to get in the way of a good blog post. I so feel your pain.

Hope you get back to regular posting again soon. I like your writing!

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