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Monday, November 06, 2006

More Pics!

I PROMISE to have a real post soon. I have been so busy and what better way to tell everyone what I have been doing by showing some pics! Now I know...I was a Little trashed in some of these pics. I get a couple of nights a year to act my age so I just like to enjoy it. If you don't like things like that- don't look!!

Oh yeah! These were not all on Halloween so don't think I was drinking with my kids Halloween night or anything. One of my good friends here has a annual Halloween party every year! I was cute this year. I was Half Devil/Half Angel. If I didn't have the wings and horns on, I kind of looked like a young Mrs. Clause. It was a big change. Last year I was the girl from "The Ring."

My kids were sooo cute! Peyton was running around saying "tick teet." (Trick or treat) They had a blast and mommy has lots of candy that they won't eat!

Stay tuned! My son's Birthday Bash is this week so you will probably get another photo journal entry!

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They look so cute!!! And so do you!!! I'm gonna call you later.
Great photos! Looks like everyone had a blast!

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