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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Much Is Too Much Makeup For a Mom?

So I had alot of responses from my last post form GUYS. What? Did I scare off the women? So this post is going to be a little girly. Men BEWARE. Please feel free to read it though because I would love to hear a man's opinion as well!.

I have to admit, I am kinda girly. I can't say I am not a tomboy and that I am afraid to ride an ATV in the mud, or ride on a car hood on the snow. I love football! I love to do guy things, but I am all girl when it comes to myself and being alone. I love to do my hair and go to the tanning bed. Most of all, I love makeup. I experiment with it all the time, and try new things everyday. I don't wear alot of makeup on an everyday basis, but if I go out, I guess I would say I wear alot. I always wear foundation, eyeshadow, and blush. I don't wear alot of mascara because I wear contacts and it just irritates my eyes.

When is the line crossed though? If you were at the store and saw a mom and she was wearing alot of makeup, would you think, "Geez, look at that woman. She has way too much makeup on!" I mean, movie stars wear tons of makeup, and everyone wants to look like them. So why shouldn't a common mother be able to wear it? I have posted some pics to give you an idea of me.

Me with alot of makeup, I was going out on the town on my anniversary!
Here is a normal day for me, just a little bit here and there:)
Ummm...I can't believe I am posting this, but here I am like I just rolled out of bed!!! What is UP with my hair?

What do you think? Do you think moms shouldn't wear alot of makeup? Be honest, but not too cruel. I am a really sensitive person even though I wear alot of makeup sometimes! it doesn't change who I am!


Honestly I wear more make up now that I a Mom than I did before! I am a very casual, jeans, T kinda girl that was very natural before having my daughter. Then I started hanging out with other Moms at group functions and play dates and I felt like I was not putting my best foot forward being that casual. It was not that I was judged by them (at least not openly!! haha!), I was judging myself and how I viewed them in light of me .. if that makes sense ...

So now I do not go out without taking a little time for myself. It usually is a 5-7 minute makeup moment, however it makes me feel like I am putting myself out there at my best. That I care about how I look as a woman, a mom and a person.

I also want to be a good role model for my daughter. Some day (all too soon I fear) she will be looking to the world for role models and I hope to be one of them for her to guide her way.

Wow I am rambling (hmm maybe I should be blogging this?)! I think you look beautiful and I would not pass you in the store and think that you had too much make up on, rather that you took the time to care about yourself as a woman.
Hi Tasha, I found your blog through Chelle`s. This is my first visit here! I think you raise an interesting discussion. Here in Japan, all the women I see are 100% perfectly made-up/well-dressed all the time. I don`t know how they find the time but they seem to manage it somehow. I have never been a make-up person. I put it on for special occasions but 9 times out of ten I think I look fine (better?)without it. I have however, started taking more care of my skin recently and I figure that will probably extend to wearing a little bit of make-up at some point in the future!! Although i don`t wear make-up, I usually take time to do my nails every week so I guess we all have our ways of feeling feminine and no-one else should make us feel bad about that!
I found you via Chelle, and I suppose I ought to have answered here first before answering on her blog... so I'll cut and paste my comment from hers since it applies here too. :)

My thought is - Who cares? As long as you’re dressed properly (no bits showing that the public at large should not be forced into seeing) who cares if you wear makeup or not? It doesn’t make you a better person, it doesn’t make you a worse person. If you feel better about yourself by wearing it, then by all means. If you like girlying up sometimes or all the time, do it! (I personally hate doing makeup and hate wearing it because my skin usually feels greasy no matter what sort I buy) I don’t look at a woman I pass and make a mental note of what makeup she’s wearing (well, except for the older ladies [70+] who wear their makeup so thick and caked on that they look like clowns and I’m terrified of clowns). I think people who do that have too much time on their hands, and have their own insecurities they need to tackle. ;)
Mom's, and all women, should wear what makes them feel pretty and good. I always feel better when I look better, but I rarely do more than mascara and some lip gloss. :) I think you are one of the lucky few... your rolled out of bed photo is just as pretty as your all made up one!
I'm with aimee here. Wear what you like, though if you're going to wear makeup, it would be good to make sure you know how to apply it and know what suits you. I used to work with a woman that always had that 'high-tide' mark on her neck. All of us there just wanted to hold her down and blend!

Personally I only wear makeup for occasions. I probably should wear it more often as I do get compliments, but to be honest, I work in a call centre and start at 7am - I don't have the inclination to put in on for every day.
I was always a Tom Boy and nevere wore any at all.

Suddenly about four years ago, I decided to I needed to look nicer. My husband doesn't like it. Says I don't need it. As I age, I find I DO need it. It helps me look nicer, at least I feel like it does.

The problem is, I don't know how to apply it! I mainly do eye liner and maybe some blush or lip gloss. If I go out or am in the mood, I do the whole thing, but NEVER foundation. Every time friends have tried to help me with that, my skin flakes up and there are dry chunks all over. If I leave it alone, smooth and clear:)

I hate "too much" but from these pics, it looks like you really know what you are doing. I think you look stunningly gorgeous in every photo!! I LOVE the last one and think you are very pretty no matter what. Looks like you really know how to apply make up! Can you teach me??

Your hair is beautiful!! Mine is a huge frizzy mess. No matter what product I use, it is a disaster. I get mixed reviews. Either people look at my hair and grimace or they fawn all over it and say how jealous they are. I am always confused!! LOL

I am trying to grow it out, but have so much grey and it costs a fortune to dye it every 6 weeks. Any tips??

To answer your question. I think you are model material and can't go wrong no matter what you do. Seriously. Do what makes you happy and you will make a great impression no matter what you go!!!
Tasha, honestly you look beautiful in every one of these photos. I'm serious.

I prefer women with less makeup, but all three photos are wonderful.
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I know who you are, so I will leave your nasty comments when you have the courage to not be anonymous.I don't DO anonymous on my blog.

From my point of view, you look
gorgeous on all of them.

Here via battle of the blogs... wow... pretty stunning. In all three. Just keep doing what you're doing. Got my vote.
Just enough to highlight and enhance what you have going on will keep us all happy.

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