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Friday, January 19, 2007

Women Living Single In US

I am sure many of you have heard on the news lately about the new find that we married folks are now a minority in this country. A census from 2005 says that 51% of women in this country are now living single. Women are turning to careers and themselves more than they are looking to start families. Now I KNOW that this shows that women are depending less on men. I don't think we should depend on men a whole lot, but I think men are going to feel less needed pretty soon, if they already don't. For centuries, men have been what women needed to fulfil their lives and start families. Now men are only good for making babies.

In all honesty, I think people are looking too much into this census. Here is the deal. People have changed the way we look at things in the past 50 years. We don't even talk about God, so why should we discuss other beliefs? Like beliefs that we should get married before living with our other halves or having babies. Not everyone has those morals anymore. Yes, I am one of those people. My husband and I didn't get married until our older son was three and a half. Many people are choosing to live together in very serious relationships and even have children without being married. So where are these women on this census? I think about 8 out of 10 of my friends, have children with their boyfriends and fiances, but aren't actually married.

We also have to look at how much more people are getting divorces. More and more people in America are getting divorces, something we didn't do many years ago. When you married someone, you were with them forever..."until death did you part." Now women have the choice. With bigger careers and roles for women, women can do more on their own. They don't need a man to support them. They have the choice, and most will hold back on getting married a second time. So is it possible these women were actually married at one point, and then it didn't work out? We probably will never know.

I just feel weird being a minority because I am married. I love being a wife and I love having a family. I couldn't see myself anywhere else. I love cooking and cleaning and doing other wife things. Don't get me wrong, I don't slave for my husband but I try to keep this family together. I think I need to find myself more, but I feel like that my kids being here is helping me do that. I do feel odd sometimes that I am a stay at home mom, while some of my friends are out trying to juggle careers and children. I always dreamed of it this way, I would have kids and get to stay at home with them until they were old enough to drive! YES...DRIVE!!! For the most part....I know more stay at home moms than I do moms that work. Okay, so actually, most of the moms that I know stay at home, also work from home.

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What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think that women should start getting "hitched" more or do you think in the next hundred years, people will stop marrying altogether?


Now men are only good for making babies.

Just like women! :) Just teasing, as I'm sure you are, right? You're teasing right? :)

Anyway, I popped over from Baba's to see what was going on in here. Looks like I'm in the minority now as well. That's OK. I like being a minority. Who wants to be normal?
"Now men are only good for making babies." ...Now hold on a minute here!!! :-)

You make some good points...Things have most certainly changed though it is unfortunate that divorce is on the rise. It is good though to see woman becoming more independant...they deserve the opportunity to grow towards whatever in life they want to.
Oh no. I was being sarcastic. I know some people may think that, but I am one of the few women that "NEEDS" a man. Ok, now I hope my hubs never sees that I wrote that. I might be the minority here, but I could never live without a husband for too long. NOW, I can live with a man and not be married. See? That is the other point. It's one thing to be single and another to just not be married. Call me old fashioned if you want.
Tasha, you are so old-fashioned! :)

Hey! I knew you weren't serious! I was just teasing you. Your post was very thought-provoking. Once you get to know me (if you read my blog) you will see that I take nothing seriously.

Have a great weekend! Hugs and kisses.
Love this post! I personally enjoy the security and commitment of being married. However, I have taken the approach that Till Death Do Us Part ... very seriously. I come form the divorced family .. not so fun. My husband's parents are still married ... That is what I want. Sometimes I wonder if it is not just too easy to walk away ...
I'm in the minority because I'm married now?


Am I ever going to get to be one of the cool kids? Ever? ;)

I like the concept of commitment, of taking a vow and then following through on it, of partnering with your fated one, then growing old with him/her.

It saddens me that fewer folks feel the need to commit at any level, but I can't worry about what the majority of folks are doing. I simply focus on my own family, and do my best for them.

I never did the popular thing anyway. In fact, I still wear the wrong clothes, listen to the wrong music, and drive the wrong car. But I'm happy, and my family's happy.

Thanks for the provocative question. Nicely put.

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