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Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday 13th Storms in DFW

I know it's a little late, but here are some pics from the storms I took on April 13th here in Dallas- Fort Worth. Some pics are damage from tornadoes and some are just wind damage. Sorry friends, that is another thing many don't know about me. I am obsessed with storms. Jim Cantore is one of my biggest idols LOL.

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Wow! That's awful!

Last week, storms came through here and a funnel cloud was spotted right above us and a tornado touched down in the northern part of our county. We were quite scared since tornadoes are very rare here.
I'm a weather fanatic too. I took 2 weather classes in college. LOL.
Sadly, I found you through this site
A horrible way to stumble upon a wonderful blog, but at least I'm glad I found you. Good luck with the Fruity Cheerios giveaway!

It's true. I cut & pasted the link and sure enough, there you are. #3 for this month. I'm not sure whether I should congratulate you or tell you how sorry I am. Though, it is sort of flattering.
bangable blog babe #3. Yep, I surfed on over and found you! Too cute! LOL!
Happy Mothers Day!

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