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Monday, April 23, 2007

Take Your Child To Work Day

Thursday is National "Take Your Child to Work Day." Does anyone out there actually do that? LOL. I am not laughing at it really. I just have never known anyone that actually does it. So I need some advice, I want to ask my husband if he is going to take his son, because the school sent home a letter about it. Is it wrong for me to ask? He might think I am crazy. Our six year old go to work with him? Do bosses let that happen? As you can see, I don't have much experience with this.

I don't think letting him stay home with his mom for a day is a great idea either. I mean this IS my work, right? Being a "Homemaker." Do you think I can get away with that?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


No, it's not wrong to ask your husband. Surely he wouldnt care if you asked but that doesn't mean he can or will take him. Anyway, yes being a mother is work so keeping him at home is an option.

Is that photo from McD's? Oh, I've got a story to tell on that place.
I think it depends on your work place. My friends work you can only participate if your child is ages 8 to 14. At my job, I bring my five year old randomly, if my boss is on vacation, and sometimes if my mom has something major going on and can't watch him. One of the bosses used to bring his boys to work almost everyday with him when his wife was working. We have a toy drawer and Travis has a bunch of coloring books and things here. They also free up a computer for him to play on.

I think it all depends on the company you work for though.

Since you are technically self employed, why shouldn't he stay with you?
I took my son last year, he was 14 and he loved it! He has been asking since then when the next "Take your child to work day" is. At my work they have to be a certain age, so yes, ask your husband and let him see what the stipulations are. It would be great father/son bonding. Good luck!
We don't have take your child to work day here and I can't imagine taking mine. I do work in a call centre though so everyone's on the phone all day - not really conducive to having an almost 5 year old there (who can be quite noisy!).
Yes he can go to "work" with you.. but does that mean that he does the dishes?

It's homework right?

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