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Friday, May 18, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation for T

I am not sure if it was a graduation or award ceremony but either way it was great! Okay. No, it was sad:( I can't believe a whole school year has gone by.

They got these cute little binders with the different awards and pics of them throughout the year. They even had comparisons of how they drew and wrote at the beginning of the year until now. They had stuff from every holiday....Almost like a year book. There was tons of pages but I took some pics of my favorite ones. It was so none of the little kids got left out I think. Hey! It's better than all those papers and awards being thrown in a pile at the bottom of their memory chest!

I think his school is wonderful! They sung sooooo many songs but this one was the last one and it was a tear jerker after the ceremony. Tell me friends, can you pick out which one is Tyler?

Hope everyone is getting ready for summer. I really can't wait. I finally am done with school this semester. After T is done with school next week and he is finished with baseball, I will finally get a long needed break!

Have a great weekend!


That is so sweet!
Happy Graduation to your Little Guy!
Those are THE sweetest pictures and video! Our son's are near in age but we decided to keep G out until this August for Kindergarten. Ahh, just thinking about him going to school makes me nervous and so not sure!

Was he the one looking around in the dark blue stripe shirt? :)
awww how cute! Congrats to T.
Awwwwww my gosh it's getting to be that time. Wow. He's grown up! I miss you a lot sweetie.

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